The Passage

Opua, NZ to Atata, TONGA


We joined a rally from Opua in the bay of islands to Atat'a atoll in the kingdom of Tonga. We departed Opua on the 4th of may. The weather forecast was for favorable winds so we were off. With the wind on a broad reach we did well averaging 192 miles a day for the first three days out. then the wind decided to switch to the north east (which is where we were trying to get) and the going got a little tougher. fortunately we were in reach of the minerva reefs and we tucked in there for 5 days while the wind was doing its thing. After the wind returned to a favorable quarter we resumed and made landfall in Tonga . There were some events along the way and the rest of the story will be in the log book when i get around to getting it posted.


Put it WHERE?

Ready To Leave


New Solar Panels



Last Minute Shopping!

10am May 4th

Safety in Numbers

The Fleet

Dolphin Racing


Watch Standers

Are We There Yet?



Minerva Reef

Hold On!


Land Ho!

8am May 15th

Royal Sunset Resort



The Escape

 The Passage


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